Fitness & lifestyle holidays

Meet the Alma Retreats team – your holiday chaperones and fitness experts

Arianna D’Aniello

Pilates, Body Sculpt, pre and postnatal fitness

An experienced, respected personal trainer and class instructor, Arianna’s specialist areas include Pilates, strength and conditioning, Body Sculpt, box exercise, dance fitness, kettlebells training and pre and postnatal fitness.

Francesca Blechner

Boxing, kettlebells, sports massage

An accomplished personal trainer with a large client base, Francesca’s specialist areas include boxing, kettlebells training, strength and conditioning and sports massage.

Sally Jay

Trekking, aqua fitness, training with children and young adults

An experienced group exercise teacher and personal trainer, Sally’s strengths lie in cardiovascular, spinning, trekking, sports specific conditioning, aquatic fitness, rehabilitation and training with children and young adults.

Melody Woodhead


Experienced dancer and yoga instructor Melody teaches an invigorating, dynamic style of yoga, synchronising breathing and movement to create a meditative atmosphere where the focus is on an energetic (Pranic) level.

Professor Topera


Professor Topera has been training in Capoeira from a young age and today teaches children and adults across the UK and Brazil. Capoeira improves strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and is a great tool for self defence.